Love! An Internal Compass to Live with Intent and Purpose!

Love! What a beautiful four letter word! The mere mention of it swells and fills our heart with feelings. Isn’t it? Memories and a sea of emotions; People, Places, Joy, Sorrow, Pleasure, Pain, Happy, Angry, Funny and Silly Moments, Beautiful Moments, Crazy Moments, Good Times, Bad Times, Wild Times…

Isn’t it beautiful that one single word can recreate and relive hundreds and thousands of memories in a moment? And of course, the same word can bring us back into the ‘Now’ and get us energized to do something amazing that we have always wanted to do.

Visualizing positive feelings of Love can be our internal compass to live with strong intent and purpose. Every Day.

Empower yourself by creating a ‘Love Board’ instead of ‘Vision Board’ to lead an awesome life in 2019 and beyond!



Change Maker | Community Creator and Nurturer | Choice Architect | Co-founder of The Women Financial Advisers Network |

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